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Copper Canyon and Desert Pointe Academies


Copper Canyon Academy Special Education

Approximately 15% of Copper Canyon Academy’s students are qualified as special needs students.  Educational services are provided to these individuals by regular and special education staff under the guidance of an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).  Copper Canyon’s special education program complies with state and federal requirements under IDEA-B, and parents are involved in the educational team’s decision making at all times.  The Arizona State Department of Education’s Exceptional Student Services department ( provides consultation and support as necessary.

Copper Canyon Academy practices a “resource”, or “pull out” model, where special education students participate in regular educational programming whenever possible, with appropriate accommodations and guidance in place to insure for academic and social success.  The majority of IEP students are in the special education resource room only for those subjects where academic deficits have been identified; otherwise, they participate in regular programming.

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