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Copper Canyon and Desert Pointe Academies

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a charter school?

A charter school is a free, public school funded by the Arizona State Department of Education.  Charter schools are tuition-free, and are operated by private individuals or companies, instead of by the state of Arizona.  Charter schools’ curriculum must meet state standards, teachers must be Highly Qualified, and all students are required to participate in statewide testing and accountability measures, such as AzMerit and No Child Left Behind initiatives.

Is it true that charter school teachers are not “real” teachers?

No!  By Arizona state law, charter schools are not required to have state-certified teachers on staff.  However, all teachers must meet Highly Qualified standards as defined by state and national No Child Left Behind requirements.  At Copper Canyon and Desert Pointe Academies, all of the teaching staff are either highly qualified, state-certified or both.

Why do parents choose Copper Canyon and Desert Pointe Academies as their children’s school?

Parents report choosing Copper Canyon and Desert Pointe Academies because of the small student population and class sizes, because the teachers and staff get to know their child and provide individualized attention, and because the teachers and staff are positive, friendly, and professional. 

Will my high school credits from another school count towards graduation at Desert Pointe Academy?

Yes!  Desert Pointe Academy accepts most other high school credits, provided they can be verified with the school they are coming from.

Will my high school diploma from Desert Pointe Academy count for college?

Yes!  Desert Pointe Academy’s diploma meets or exceeds Arizona state graduation standards.

If you have other questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact the school at 623-930-1734, or use the Contact Us Form to contact us for more information.